Brave Girls’ Minyoung Got Savagely Roasted By Her Members For Her Tiny Fists

Her members totally roasted her on camera!

Brave GirlsMinyoung has big power vocals, but in contrast, has super tiny hands, and her members savagely let her know it!

Brave Girls were recently filmed practicing their choreography in the practice room by KBS K-Pop, and were also asked questions in the accompanying interview!

While the members practiced, they also talked about one of the most important elements of a comeback stage, the “ending fairy” scene! They discussed how best to pose for the ending fairy scene, and when it was Minyoung’s turn, she did the famous “out-of-breath” pose, that most idols end up defaulting to due to how winded they get after completing their performance!

As the members watched her enact her ending fairy moment, rather than her expressions, what caught their eye was the first Minyoung had raised to the air, and also how tiny it was!

Your fist is so funny. Are you having hiccups?! Your fist is so small!

Even while Minyoung was interviewed about her small hands, her members began mimicking from the back!

People make fun of it [her fists], especially Yuna!

And when Minyoung tried to reassure herself that having small fists is no big deal, her members savagely began mimicking her again!

There is nothing uncomfortable~

Watch this hilarious moment here!

Brave Girls

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