Brave Girls Confess That They Haven’t Been Paid Their Earnings Yet

But, their CEO surprised them with a little something.

Brave Girls is back with their summer track “Chi Mat Ba Ram” and with it, their jam-packed promotional schedules! On June 23, members Yuna and Eunji made a guest appearance on Kim Shin Young‘s radio program, Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope where they discussed a variety of topics.

Kim Shin Young (left), Yuna (middle), Eunji (right) | MBC

The members kickstarted their interview by expressing their bewilderment, once again for all of their popularity. The group’s comeback track has been placing first on numerous music charts since its release, which is something they are not used to.

Our best ranking was when we previously promoted ‘High Heels.’ We made it onto the charts at 76th place. It still doesn’t feel real that we placed first.

— Yuna

Brave Girls member Yuna (left), Eunji (right) | MBC

It was following this conversation that Kim Shin Young asked Yuna if she had a chance to check her bank account. Yuna’s answer surprised Kim Shin Young and all of the radio listeners.

We haven’t received any of our earnings yet.

— Yuna

However, she continued by sharing that even though the Brave Girls members have not yet been paid for their successful promotions, their CEO and label founder Brave Brothers still gave them money as an allowance.

Our CEO previously gave us allowance money to use while we were moving. That was in my account. The amount was enough for it to be a ‘flex.’

— Yuna

Brave Entertainment founder and CEO, Brave Brothers | MBC

Yuna didn’t end her story there, as she recalled the touching moment when she was able to gift some of the money to her mother.

With that money, I was able to gift it to my mother, but she started crying so I was taken aback. It wasn’t even a large amount, but seeing her cry about it made me think ‘I wonder how much more she will cry in the future.’ Anyways, mom, please be happy.

— Yuna


Don’t worry all of you Brave Girls fans! Yuna shared with all of the radio show listeners that the girl group will be getting paid their earnings very soon.

We will be getting paid our earnings sometime in July.

— Yuna

These girls have persevered endlessly and their hard work has finally paid off! Congratulations to Brave Girls and all of their amazing success! Make sure to check out their comeback track “Chi Mat Ba Ram” down below.

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