Brave Girls Reveal The Astonishing Number Of Commercials They Filmed In Just 2 Months

The number shocked the entire studio!

Brave Girls are on a roll and it’s not stopping anytime soon! A few days ago, the 4 members made their highly anticipated comeback with “Chi Mat Ba Ram,” which has been topping charts ever since its release. With their continuing popularity, the girl group has been busy with their promotional activities, including variety program appearances.

Brave Girls | @BraveGirls/Twitter

Brave Girls members Minyoung and Eunji appeared on the most recent episode of MBC‘s Omniscient Interfering View, where they shared how their lives have changed since their last appearance on the show two months ago.

Comedian Yang Se Hyung | MBC

We heard that after your previous ‘Omniscient Interfering View’ appearance, you guys filmed 12 different commercials?

— Comedian Yang Se Hyung

Brave Girls member Minyoung responded that while it was true that the group filmed numerous commercials following their previous appearance, it wasn’t 12, but more than 25 commercials!

Brave Girls member Minyoung | MBC

In our most current standing, we have filmed over 25.

— Minyoung

To add onto the shocking news update, Song Eun Yi shared that it was only two months ago that the Brave Girls members came onto the show where they expressed their deepest desires to shoot a commercial.

Comedian Song Eun Yi | MBC

It was only two months ago when they appeared and shared, ‘we want to shoot a commercial.’

— Song Eun Yi

The Brave Girls member agreed that in just two months, their lives changed drastically.


Yeah, in just two months we did it all.

— Minyoung

When asked about what types of commercials they filmed, they responded that they have filmed a chicken commercial,

Brave Girls for “BBQ Chicken” | MBC

A video game commercial,

Brave Girls member Eunji explaining the group’s commercial for “Kingdom: Embers of War” | MBC

A clothing commercial,

Brave Girls for clothing brand, “SPAO” | MBC

A frying pan commercial, an apartment commercial and more!

Brave Girls for frying pan company, “Happy Call” | MBC

Wow, that is seriously impressive and well-deserved. Congratulations to Brave Girls and their continuing popularity! Make sure to check out the girl group’s comeback, “Chi Mat Ba Ram” down below.

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