Brave Girls’ Yuna Receives Backlash From Extreme Male Activists For Allegedly Using An “Anti-Male” Term

Brave Entertainment firmly responds to the malicious commenters.

Brave Girls‘ Yuna has found herself in the center of controversy after a clip of her fell into the laps of angry Korean men. The controversy began after a video of the Brave Girls member talking with her fellow group mates began circulating online.

Brave Girls’ Yuna.

The four members of Brave Girls featured on Naver NOW‘s Bbucance where they discussed their comeback and more. It was during a segment when the rest of the members were complimenting Eunji and her game playing abilities that the controversy arose.

While Eunji can be seen making adorable hand gestures and facial expressions for the camera, viewers can hear the other members speaking in the background. When the camera pans to Yuna, she chimed into the conversation by sharing how many points she received during a game. However, it was one word that Yuna used that began the intense backlash.

 But why? I received ‘oh-jo-ok’ (a lot/many) points. I received ‘oh-jo-ok’ points.

— Yuna

Yuna can be heard saying oh-jo-ok, which in direct translation means 5.5 trillion. In looser translation, people use it when they are talking about a large quantity, similar to “a lot” or “many.” However, this term sounds incredibly similar to the term, oh-jo-oh-ok, which extreme male activists claim is a derogatory term used against the male population.

According Chosun and Namu Wiki, the term oh-jo-oh-ok is used as an anti-male rhetoric. The term allegedly degrades men and their “unnecessarily high” sperm count of 5.5 trillion. Extreme male activists claim that feminists use the term to uplift their feminist agenda, alleging that women use the term to talk about misogyny, as well as the ratio of sex crimes committed by males versus sex crimes committed by females.

Ad featuring Jo Jung Suk and Son Naeun that received backlash for using the term, “oh-jo-oh-ok” | Dongwon Tuna

And while the term Yuna used meant “a lot”, extreme male activists began to accuse her of purposely degrading men and have targeted her incessantly with malicious comments. The Brave Girls member uploaded an Instagram story, which has now been deleted, calling out one specific example of how she’s been receiving backlash.

| @u.nalee/Instagram

Hey you f*cking b*tch, oh-jo-oh-ok? Oh-jo-oh-ok? When you’re hungry [unknown text], but now that your stomach is filled with plenty of gasoline, stop promoting as the ‘short-hair queen’ but just shave all of your hair off [unknown text]. You f*cking b*tch.

— Unknown Instagram user

As the severe backlash continued for days, Brave Entertainment released an official statement regarding their unwavering stance on malicious comments targeting their artists. They shared their willingness to take legal action when necessary, and delivered a fair warning against those who choose to leave malicious comments in the future.

Hello, it’s Brave Entertainment.

Recently, we have been dealing with malicious comments targeting our artist. The comments have been slandering them with unproven false rumors and personal attacks. We have identified numerous malicious posts that have damaged our artist’s integrity.

Regarding this, we have completed collecting evidence based on the internal monitoring and reporting that we have been doing. We intend to take legal action to protect our artists from malicious comments.

In the future, we will continue to monitor and take legal action against those who slander or leave unproven malicious comments against our artists. There will be no leniency given.

If you discover any malicious comments or slander against any of our label’s artists, please send your evidence to (

Brave Entertainment will always work hard to ensure the safety and protection of our artists.

Thank you.

— Brave Entertainment @bravebrosyh/Instagram

Source: Image, theqoo, theqoo and Chosun

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