[★BREAKING] Terrorist Threatens To Bomb Apink Naeun

A terrorist threatened to bomb Apink‘s Son Naeun at a public event.

She was set to appear at a ceremony called “Dongkuk Love 11”, where they appoint the public relations ambassador for the university’s campaign. 

Just before the event was to take place, the police received a call about a bomb threat around 2 pm. The terrorist stated, “I set up a bomb.

The terrorist was the same man who threatened Apink since June of this year.

Plan A Entertainment has made a statement about the threat.

“The suspect is currently overseas. All of the information has been collected and he will be arrested by Interpol.”

— Plan A Entertainment

However, the process is expected to take some time bringing him back to Korea because of his foreign citizenship.

A bomb squad reported to the university and searched the area for 20 minutes.

After no traces of bombs were found, the event took place as planned.

Source: News1, Star Today

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