Famous Girl Group Member Caught Illegally Using Propofol Revealed To Be Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain

Her agency is preparing a statement.

Brown Eyed GirlsGain has been fined ₩1 million KRW (about $884 USD) for illegally administering propofol, a painkiller and controlled substance.

According to an exclusive report from The Fact, the girl group member that was fined for illegally administering propofol is Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain. The Suwon District Court ordered Gain to pay a fine of ₩1 million KRW (about $884 USD) in a trial that was held earlier this year. Her trial was considered a summary order ruling, which is a procedure that hands out fines without formal trial for more minor cases.

Gain was suspected of using propofol during the span of July-August 2019. Her case came to light when a plastic surgeon was indicted for violating the Narcotics Management act and sentenced to 18 months in prison, selling the painkiller Etomidate to various patients. The plastic surgeon in question sold 3 boxes of the painkiller to Gain for ₩1.5 million KRW (about $1,330 USD) and over 490 in total.

Gain’s agency APOP by Mystic Story stated that they are currently preparing their statement and will share it when they are finished. Earlier in the day, it was reported that a famous girl group member was fined for using propofol, however their identity was not revealed at the time.

Source: The Fact and Newsen
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