Famous Girl Group Member Has Been Fined For The Use Of Propofol

The person that sold it to her got jailtime.

 The girl group member in question has been revealed to be Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain.

It was made known belatedly that a popular girl group member, was caught taking propofol and fined for the matter.

Not to be confused with the health supplement propolis, propofol is a powerful drug that cannot be administered without a prescription. The police had received a tip-off that the member had been taking propofol and other illegal drugs, seizing her at her house. After a long investigation, she was fined ₩1,000,000 KRW ($884 USD) for the matter and was charged in early 2021.

During the process of the investigation, it was revealed that the girl group member received the drugs from a plastic surgeon in their 70s and had claimed that she thought it was drugs meant for treatment. Apart from this, she had also admitted to charges of ingesting propofol between July and August 2019 too.

She is said to have complained of serious insomnia and depression. The plastic surgeon, who administered propofol and a general anesthetic, etomidate, to the girl group member was sentenced to a year and a half in prison for violating the pharmaceutical law. They will soon be making an appeal.

Source: YTN (1) and (2)
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