Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain Calls Out Hacker Who’s Been Hacking Her Instagram For Months

The hacker had been secretly stalking her the whole time.

Brown Eyed GirlsGain revealed through Instagram that she’s been a victim of hacking since months ago starting from January of this year.

She uploaded a post with photos of herself at a recent shoot along with the statement.

Although she’s a victim of hacking, she kept her ever-cool persona and tried to keep it light while firing a warning to the hacker.

The hacker has been secretly spying and stalking Gain’s Instagram for the past 3 months.

They’ve been hacking my account since January. They’ve been stalking my account all this time..

#Creepy #IfYouHackMeAgainImGoingToChangeItAgain #AreWeLovestagraming hahah

— Gain

This isn’t the first time Gain has called out the hacker on her Instagram account. She first revealed that her account was hacked a few days ago. She hadn’t realized that the hacker was also stalking her.

She wrote, “Omg I think someone hacked my Instagram account. What do I do in this situation?

Idols continue to face hacking, stalking, and leaked personal information by malicious users and sasaeng fans. As the issue on violation of privacy continues to grow, many fans are demanding for better protection for their idols.

Source: Newsen