Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Enraged After Discovering Her Instagram Was Hacked

The hacker may have been a fan of another group.

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri has only ever filled her Instagram page with happy and bright posts about her daily life. But she left an angry message after she discovered that her account had been hacked.

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Yuri found posts on her feed from accounts that she never once followed. She took a screenshot of the account with an angry message on her story.

She wrote, “Who did this? Why is something that I never heard of before coming up on my feed? Why is my account following it!??? Please! Stop! Stop hacking my account

The feed appeared to be a fan page of SEVENTEEN. The feed post was a photo of Hoshi with Indonesian captions.

She specifically called out the fan account as she claimed it was burglary for hackers to sneak into her account and follow random people without her knowing.

She wrote, “Who is doing this __ __ I’ve left this alone too far.. Why are you doing this? Hacking disgusts me. Sneaking in and following someone I don’t even know. You know this is burglary, right?

This isn’t the first time hackers have taken over idols’ accounts. Her fellow member Yoona, MOMOLAND‘s Nancy, actress Kang Ye Won, and more have been victims to hackers.

Hopefully, SM Entertainment will take legal measures to ensure that Yuri’s privacy on social media will be protected from hackers.

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