BTS’s 2019 Festa Trailer Is Here And It’s Giving ARMY A Whole New Level Of Chills

Who’s ready?

BTS just dropped a super cool 23-second trailer for their upcoming 2019 Festa, an event designed for BTS members to celebrate their debut anniversary with their most loving fans. And while the news of the 2019 Festa itself is more than enough to give ARMY the chills for days, this particular trailer is wowing ARMYs for another special reason.


The short video, uploaded to BANGTANTV YouTube channel, shares that at the 2019 Festa, there will be tons of exciting things happening that will bond the BTS members and their fans even closer together.


According to the trailer, BTS’s 2019 Festa will feature awesome segments like “Family Portraits”, “Choreography Videos”, and “Euphoria Piano Version”. Segments like “BY JIN” and “Bangtan Attic” are new to ARMYs and while they don’t know what exactly to expect, they know it’s going to be beyond their imagination. Now ARMY can’t wait to see how amazing and fun-filled this anniversary celebration will turn out to be!


But what has caught the attention of ARMY is the way this 2019 Festa trailer was designed. It looked exactly like BTS’s debut trailer from 2013 – and it’s a throwback so real that the fans can’t handle the chills and thrills!

ARMY is trying to keep calm and carry on…


… but it’s proving to be impossible, especially with so much teased to happen at the event.