71 Year Old Man Fined For Reselling His BTS 5th Muster Ticket

He has been accused to scalping.

A 71 year old man has been detained and fined for unlawfully reselling a ticket to a BTS event.


The ticket in question was for BTS’s Muster, an annual fan meeting between BTS and ARMY that took place in Busan on June 15 and 16. According to the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency, the man resold his ticket (purchased for 99,000 won, or $84 USD) to a Japanese tourist.


He has been accused of violating a law that prohibits ticket scalping. The man reportedly entered BTS’s venue, the Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium, received a wristband for re-entry, then sold his wristband to a Japanese woman for 150,000 won ($126 USD). The Japanese woman was unable to enter the stadium, due to being unable to provide a paper ticket and an ID that matched her wristband. Soon after, a search for the seller ensued, which resulted in his detainment and fine.


In addition to ticket scalping, many ticket holders with legitimate tickets made complaints about the event’s strict ID check police. A number of ticket holders with valid tickets were allegedly denied entry and hurt by police.

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Source: Korea Times