BTS Sweeps 7 Awards At The “2022 The Fact Music Awards”

One for each member.

The 2022 The Fact Music Awards aired on October 8, 2022. Many groups took home trophies that night, but no other group scored as many awards as BTS. BTS truly demonstrated what it means to be a global success! Here are the 7 trophies they took home that day.

1. Idol+ Popularity

The award was given to BTS for 2022.

2. Artist of the Year

Although almost all the artists who attended the ceremony walked home with this award, it doesn’t mean that the award is worth less. Every artist truly deserves recognition for their hard work, including BTS.

3. Fan N Star Most Voted Singer

They were voted for the most on the Fan N Star app.

4. Fan N Star Choice Singer

They won in more than one category on the app. They were also chosen by not just the fans, but the establishment behind the app.

5. Fan N Star Choice (Individual)

Member Jin also walked away with an individual trophy. We love the moment for Mr. Worldwide.

6. Global Fan N Star

BTS’s global success and fame certainly make them deserving of the award.

7. Daesang

They also walked away with the biggest award of the night, the Daesang.

With a total of 7 awards, the members could literally each take a trophy home! No need to share here. Congratulations to the boys.


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