BTS ARMY Has A New Recruit And You’d Never Guess Who It Is

The range of this fandom is unbelievable.

BTS has one of the biggest fanbases globally, and thanks to its sheer size, there is also unprecedented diversity in the ARMY community.


Recently, an 86-year-old woman named Marilyn went viral for showing her unabashed love to the group through a TikTok video.

I’m introducing you to an 86 year old BTS fan who still finds it amazing that at this stage in my life I’m fangirling a K-Pop band. But since discovering them four years ago, they have filled in a gap in my life. I’m on my own, I’m disabled, and I spend quite a bit of my time following them, watching their clips , watching their news, watching the articles about them.

—@marilynbooth786, TikTok

While the senior ARMY won hearts on Twitter—

another unexpected fan sneaked into the scenario. Only this time, it wasn’t really a person.

The BTS fan in question brought in one of the most prominent “didn’t have on my 2023 bingo card” moments for ARMYs. It all started when a bored fan started a thread of “BTS as Microsoft Applications,” assigning different programs to different members, mostly based on vibes.

She categorized Jungkook as PowerPoint, with no explanation whatsoever. And what do you know? The Twitter account of Microsoft Powerpoint not only noticed the comparison, but also replied with a very specific reference.

In case you are wondering where that timestamp leads, it’s this-

As if that wasn’t enough, the account then went on to reply to other ARMYs under the tweet with answers that screamed I’m-way-too-deep-into-this-fandom.

You can’t argue that this self-identification was not funny-

Or that this reference amounts to a veteran discount.

PowerPoint not only showed love to the OG of BTS:

But also showed extensive knowledge of the fandom anthems,

and principles.

Looks like, whether it’s corporates or humans, nobody can seem to get enough of the global superstars. As the PowerPoint account rightly noted, there’s no boring Tuesday in the boraland of BTS!


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