BTS ARMY Scores New Samsung Phone

ARMYs stay winning (literally).

Recently, Korean tech company Samsung held its annual Samsung Unpackedrevealing the new Galaxy Z Flip4, which even comes in “Bora Purple,” a nod to BTS and their iconic purple and the V-coined phrase “Borahae (I Purple You).”

Additionally, Samsung has hosted huge events in London and New York City, such as billboards featuring BTS ads and pop-up events.

One lucky ARMY, rayna (@nycnamjoon on Twitter), attended one of the pop-up events and shared how they were able to score a new phone!

From left: BTS’s Jungkook, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga, Jin, RM, and V | @SamsungMobile/Instagram

At the Samsung pop-up event, your mission is to collect nine Galaxy Z Flip4 pins. But, first, you must collect stamps for a chance to draw pins randomly.

The “Bora Purple” one is so difficult to find that others literally offered rayna money for it! Yet, she held onto it and has now been able to get an actual phone.

Rayna explained that while some have spent hours multiple days searching for the purple pin, she was able to get it on the first try.

Love that for her! And, now, she has a phone absolutely dedicated to concert storage because you know that can consume so much space.

If you want to try your chances, you can go to 55 Regent St., London, or 60 10th Ave., New York.

According to rayna, you can go through as many times as you want each day, collecting eleven stamps for three random pin pulls.

Not only that, but you get even more super cute freebies, such as photocards, stickers, etc.

| @BtsNoona134340/Twitter



You have until August 31 to visit either Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Experience event. See the exhibit hours below.

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Source: nycnamjoon

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