BTS Arrive At Gimpo Airport, Following Fan Meeting In Japan

BTS is back in Korea after their 5th Muster.

On November 25, BTS arrived at Gimpo International Airport, following their 5th Muster fan meeting in Chiba, Japan. Vol.5 [Magic Shop] took place on November 23 and 24 at Zozo Marine Stadium.


As usual, each member showed off his individual airport fashion. Jin made headlines with his top model visuals and sleek, swooping hair.


Silver fox Jimin arrived in all black, sporting a Chanel sweater…


…and a smoking hot stare!


RM dressed for comfort and warmth in all gray, accessorized with these white Nike shoes.


Like RM, J-Hope wore muted, neutral colors, but he added a touch of vibrancy with his hood’s colorful strings.


Actor V, is that you? From his walk to his high collared jacket, V gave off serious A-list actor vibes.


Can’t you picture him starring in a neo-noir K-Drama?


If V is channeling his inner actor, Suga is channeling his inner artist. Suga’s beret and mask combination gave him a mysterious aura that screams “famous painter”!


Out of all the members, Jungkook was the most covered up. He wore his puffy, black coat with its hood up, his face hidden by a surgical mask.


If you haven’t seen Jungkook’s epic hair reveal yet, check it out here!

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