Apple Music Gets BTS Jimin’s “Bad Decisions” Lyrics Wrong…And It’s Entertaining AF

He said what he said…?

In honor of the “Bad Decisions” release, it seems like Apple Music is making some “bad decisions” of its own!

BTS’s Jimin

On August 5, producer Benny Blanco and rapper Snoop Dogg released “Bad Decisions,” a new collaboration track featuring BTS. This upbeat love song has butterfly-inducing English lyrics like, “You’re so damn beautiful, I swear you make me sick.” (Thank you, Jungkook!)

There is, however, some confusion about Jimin‘s lyrics in the song’s first verse. According to Apple Music, Jimin sings, “I want your love, I want a man.” 

According to the music video’s official subtitles, however, “man” is actually “name.” Whoops!

Benny Blanco

As expected, “I WANT A MAN” became a trending topic on Twitter, and now fans are having fun with the mixup.

The “Bad Decisions” era has just begun, but it’s already giving fans some memorable moments. Read all about how the police crashed ARMY’s party with Benny Blanco here or watch the music video below.

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