BTS And BLACKPINK Make It Onto The Highly Coveted “Best Songs Of 2020” List By Rolling Stone

Anybody else feel like proud parents?

As the end of 2020 nears, all major music sites are busy wrapping up and creating their end-of-the-year lists. Our two favorite groups, BTS and BLACKPINK have been making their way onto every single list known to man for the year, surprising no one. With that said, here’s another one they can add onto their collection and this time, it’s from Rolling Stone!

Just a couple days ago, Rolling Stone revealed their highly coveted “Best Songs of 2020” list and the global girl group made it on at number 13. Their instant summer hit, “Ice Cream” featuring Selena Gomez must have left a huge impression on all listeners as they boast a high ranking for a K-Pop group.

| Rolling Stone

The legendary collaboration was the talk of the town for days and it seems like Rolling Stone took notice as they had nothing but good things to say about “Ice Cream”. This is what the iconic magazine had to say about our girls and their super catchy song!

The Korean girl-group queens make their power move on the American airwaves, with a big assist from Selena Gomez and co-writer Ariana Grande. It’s a libidinal boombox boast built to jump like a playground chant, rolling out an ice cream truck’s worth of sexually charged dessert metaphors. It’s in the grand tradition of “I Want Candy” or “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” with the ladies bragging, “Coldest with the kiss so he call me ice cream!”

— R.S.

| Allure

Next up are the marvelous boys of BTS, who made it onto the list at number 7. Their catchy song “Dynamite” caught the attention of fans and non-fans alike with the funky disco tunes and even funkier disco pants! Everyone seemed to love this song as it has been playing non-stop on radio stations since its release.

| Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone seemed to agree as they had nothing but praises for the boy group! We particularly love the little shoutout for our favorite maknaeJungkook. Here is what they had to say about the BTS song.

The Bulletproof Boy Scouts make a little more history with their first U.S. Number One — a new milestone for K-pop — as well as their first English-language hit. Yet it’s unmistakably the sound of BTS, tapping into the spirit of Eighties disco. They zoom through the stars in “Dynamite.” All seven of them show off, though Jungkook takes the spotlight when he yells, “Cup of milk, let’s rock and roll/King Kong, kick the drum/Rolling on like a Rolling Stone!”

— R.S.

| Teen Vogue

Wow, another congratulations are in order for BLACKPINK and BTS! They are continuing to surprise everyone all around with their amazing feats. What an incredible year for the two groups!

Source: Rolling Stone
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