BTS And The Mysterious Case Of “Why Did Jin Get Bleeped?” 

There’s a new BTS mystery to solve.

Breaking news: a new BTS mystery has arrived! Are you ready to investigate?

Between “What’s Tasty in Busan?”, “What Unmentionable Books Did Jimin Read?”, and many other unsolved mysteries, there’s plenty of cold cases to keep you up at night…so what difference does one more make?

On September 24, the massage chair brand Bodyfriend shared behind the scenes clips from BTS’s CF shoots. One is from a commercial where Jin and Jungkook call Bodyfriend to order chairs for their moms after overhearing J-Hope‘s conversation with his mom.

In the behind the scenes clip, Jin and Jungkook were adlibbing their phone calls when suddenly, Jin paused…

…then said !@#$%?!

What did Jin say to his mother? These fans aren’t sure, but they have plenty of good ideas!

Watch the clip here:

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