[★TRENDING] BTS Comeback Date Reportedly Set

BTS has been reported to make an official comeback on September 18.

“It has been officially decided that BTS will be coming back on September 18.”

— Industry Insider

According to the insider, many artists that were planning to comeback in September are now scrambling to re-schedule their comebacks.

BTS made a statement regarding their upcoming comeback telling fans to look forward to it.

“Many people will be surprised and will enjoy our upcoming comeback. The songs are great and the stage is something many can look forward to.”


All members are reported to be involved in the production process of the album. 

BigHit Entertainment has released a statement denying the rumor.

“The comeback reports are false. We have not fully decided on September 18 as the official comeback date. We are still debating on what the date should be.” 

– BigHit Entertainment

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Source: XSports News