BTS Comeback? Spoiler King RM Hints At New Music

He’s working on…something.

2022 is just beginning, but ARMYs are already eager for new BTS music!


BTS’s last studio album, BE, was released on November 20, 2020. Since then, the group has released their second Japanese-language compilation album, BTS, the Best, along with two EPs featuring their single “Butter”: Butter (Hotter, Sweeter, Cooler) and Butter. 

Although BTS is on vacation, that doesn’t mean the members aren’t working on projects behind the scenes. They’re always up to something! Suga, for instance, might be working on his third mixtape, and V is back in the studio.

V’s deleted Instagram story | @thv/Instagram

Now, RM is hinting at new music on Instagram. In one Instagram Story, RM shared a photo of an in-progress audio project. The file name reads, “Record Record This One.”

| @rkive/Instagram

In another story, RM shared a selfie captioned, “getting off work.” 

RM has a history of spoiling BTS’s content, so let’s hope he hasn’t lost his touch!

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