BTS Writes Postcards To ARMY That Hint At A Possible Subunit 

BTS asks fans about their happiest moments in new postcard letters.

Dear ARMY, BTS has letters just for you — and maybe a spoiler too?

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook

With less than a month to go until the release of their new album, BE, BTS’s comeback promotions are in full swing. Following the unveiling of their first BE teaser photo, BTS reached out to fans on Instagram with questions that each member answered too.

| @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram
| @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram

Now, BTS is writing personalized postcards to ARMY on Weverse with the hashtags #Dear_ARMY #From_BTS. Each postcard includes a photograph of a morning sky that, when arranged in order, seems to show time passing by.

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V‘s postcard is of a peaceful blue sky with cotton candy pink clouds. He is asking ARMY to tell him about the moments that make them happiest.

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Jimin‘s postcard is addressed to “everyone who loves me just the way I am”. Like V, he wants to know all about ARMY’s joyful memories.

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For RM, happiness comes from the simple things, like a bike ride on a beautiful winter morning. “Dear ARMY, when do you feel happy in your everyday lives?” he asks.

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There’s always more to BTS’s content than meets the eyes, especially during the comeback season. During a brainstorming meeting about BE, BTS described one of their subunits as having one rapper and two vocalists. Could that be RM, V, and Jimin?


For more, read Jin and Jungkook‘s postcards here.

BTS’s Jin And Jungkook Write Postcards To ARMY, Hint At Subunit


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