BTS’s Jin And Jungkook Write Postcards To ARMY, Hint At Subunit

New handwritten letters have arrived for fans.

Dear ARMY, BTS has more postcards for you. BE ready!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Yesterday, JiminV, and RM raised the excitement for BTS’s album BE to the next level. They kicked off a new comeback project called #Dear_ARMY by sending handwritten postcards #From_BTS to ARMY on Weverse.

Now, Jin and Jungkook are continuing the project. In Jin’s letter, he advised fans to take a break from their busy lives when they need to recharge. “What is your happiest moment?” he asked.

Jungkook reminded ARMY that they are the reason for his existence. He asked, “Dear ARMY, what would BTS be remembered as in your life?”


On Day 1 of the #Dear_ARMY project, fans connected the postcards’ subunits to the unconfirmed subunits for BE. If RM, V, and Jimin are the rapper and two vocalists in the first subunit…

| BANGTANTV/Youtube 

…does that mean Jin and Jungkook the “two vocalists” in the second unit? Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer to know. BE will be released on November 20 at 2 PM (KST).


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