BTS Have Finally Updated Their Social Media Accounts For The “Butter” Era

BTS joined in on the yellow layouts!

Since BTS announced their new single, “Butter,” everyone has been getting ready for the comeback! ARMYs have been updating their Twitter layouts to a yellow aesthetic and sharing “Butter” themed memes, even businesses and brands are tweeting their excitement, and the margarine companies are quaking. Twitter has already updated BTS-related hashtags to include new emojis inspired by “Butter.”

| Twitter

BTS has also joined in on the fun and finally updated their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter accounts to fit the new era. The new layouts are black and yellow.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

The design is minimalistic and classy!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

ARMYs noticed a similarity to their own layouts. Some had even created and suggested new profile pictures and covers before BTS changed theirs. It looks like they may have taken them up on their offer!

Check out BTS’s “Butter” promotion schedule below:

BTS Announces New “Butter” Promotion Schedule Leading Up To Their Comeback

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