BTS Reveal Their Different Food Habits, And Their Answers Are Honestly Relatable AF

They are also #hilarious!

Like the rest of us, the BTS members are definitely certified foodies! Even if they don’t always like spicy food, the group loves to show off their cooking skills, revealing their specialty dishes and what they love to eat!

BTS recently sat down with WIRED and answered questions some of the web’s most searched questions on the group, including their food preferences.

One of the questions was the age-old question of whether the group drinks coffee. As expected, with such busy schedules, all of the members couldn’t help but be enthusiastic about coffee, with J-Hope even adding, “I love coffee!

Also, like many people around the world, Jungkook emphasized how important the beverage was, explaining, “I can’t live without coffee.

While all the members were getting very excited, Suga added that he was only drinking decaf at that moment, which J-Hope added was because he stopped drinking normal coffee.

Luckily for J-Hope, he didn’t give up on coffee because it seemed like it was an extremely important part of his daily routine.

For me, I really can’t live without coffee. As soon as I wake up, I drink coffee.

— Suga

The next question was another topic that people worldwide know too well: whether BTS eats healthily. As soon as V read out the question, the members all started shouting “No!” because rightly so, it’s always more fun to eat things that aren’t always the healthiest to eat.

Jin added that he likes sugar, and it was hard to know whether he meant the food or Suga himself, but both are just as sweet as each other! However, it was Suga’s answer that had the members shook!

Despite his namesake, Suga added that he tries not to eat sugar or drink fizzy drinks because he wants to be healthier!

It seems as if, despite being world-famous superstars, BTS are definitely relatable AF when it comes to their love of food and coffee. ARMYs worldwide will agree with their answers!

You can watch the whole video below!

Source: WIRED