BTS Designs Their Own Video Game Characters And They’re Totally Twinning

Each member looks just like their creation!

BTS‘s recently collaborated with Garena Free Fire (a game also known as Free Fire) where the members were able to choose their own characters and style them however they like. However, it didn’t take long to see each member hilariously choose none other than themselves as their inspiration.

| @rohongchul/Instagram

J-Hope immediately gravitated towards platinum blonde hair to match his own…

…and obviously had to choose the character known for his dancing skills!

The members thought Jungkook‘s choice not only resembled his ponytail during “Butter” era, but also wore some clothes that he probably already owns in his closet!

Can you see their resemblance?

Jin went for a classy and suave style in a white suit…

…and it might look familiar to some fans!

RM also chose a unique charismatic look, focusing on swag and aesthetics over everything.

What a throwback!

However, some of the members had a much stronger resemblance to their sidekick pets! Check out the article below to see what they picked.

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