BTS’s Friendship Tattoo Artist Opens Up About How Tattooing The Group Changed Him

He shares how he navigates the sudden fame.

Polyc, the tattoo artist who gave BTS their famous “7” friendship tattoos, recently opened up about the experience, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and how the moment came to be.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and Polyc (right) | @polyc_sj/Instagram

Polyc first met BTS’s Jungkook when he came in for a tattoo design consultation and worked on his sleeve for five months, during which the group’s maknae first mentioned the idea of a friendship tattoo to Polyc.

Approaching their ninth anniversary and the beginning of the group’s “chapter two,” the members finally agreed it was time to get matching tattoos.

ARMYs have appreciated Polyc’s respect for the members and their privacy, as he’s only released information agreed upon between himself and the members, and has kept the location of Suga‘s tattoo private, per his wishes.

After tattooing the members, Polyc even made them commemorative pins to wear and has stated he won’t be replicating the tattoos or pins for any of his future clients.

Since he tattooed the members, his shop has experienced an increase in interest, and his clients have increased as well.

BTS’s visit has changed more than the popularity of his shop; it has also changed Polyc. The talented artist shared that the increased attention after being named the artist behind the group’s friendship tattoos made him become more aware of his behavior and public image.

To help him navigate the sudden onset of fame, BTS’s Jimin stepped in to give him advice and encouragement, which made Polyc want to become a better person.

It seems BTS’s positive impact knows no bounds as they continue to touch the lives of people they meet through music and their everyday lives.

During his interview, Polyc also named the member who convinced the group it was “finally” time to get their tattoos. Check out more on that in the article below!

BTS’s Tattoo Artist Reveals The Member Who “Finally” Moved Their Friendship Tattoo Plans Forward

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