BTS’s Travel Reality Show “In The SOOP” Kicks Off With Viewership Ratings Of 1.26% – Here’s What It Means

What does 1.26% mean?

BTS recently premiered their new travel reality show, In The SOOP. The show kicked off to of course, great reactions from the fans who couldn’t get enough of the boys. But just how well did it do on the live broadcast?

| jtbc

The first episode of the show that is signed under jtbc, premiered with 1.26% in viewership. jtbc is a subscription-based cable channel rather than public broadcast, meaning that ratings may be reflected lower compared to those on public channels such as SBS and KBS.

| weverse

Comparatively, here’s how other famous cable dramas did in terms of ratings. The highest-rated cable show ever, The World of The Married, comes in at 28.3% for its most watched episode. Much-loved epic Hotel Del Luna comes in at 12%. Strong Girl Bongsoon came in at 9.6% while recent hit, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay came in at only 7.3% despite it being raved about. As for currently airing variety shows, Amazing Saturday is at 2.6% while On And Off is at 2.3%.

Of course, as BTS has a huge global fanbase, it is impossible to measure the success and popularity of the show based off cable broadcast numbers alone! As the show is also aired on Weverse, the viewership in percentage is just a reflection of the general public who turn on the television.


Source: newsen and nielson korea