BTS’s J-Hope Just Gave Mang A Brand New Ability — And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

It’s kind of like a super power!

Recently, BTS‘s J-Hope unveiled the final design for his BT21 character Mang without a mask. Since ARMYs have been waiting years for the special moment, the exciting face reveal quickly took over social media.

BTS’s J-Hope and Mang | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Mang still embodies many of the same characteristics as J-Hope, but now shares even more similarities with him.

As he finalized the fine details of Mang’s design, he made sure to add in his own signature heart-shaped smile…

…and some super cute puffy cheeks!

Many of these charms are already present in various social media posts, such as this scene about Mang and RJ eating soup.

However, one random detail caught him off guard and he couldn’t help but fall for it.

I really think these ears are charming. They have to be flappy. They have to flap like this!

— J-Hope

With the mockup cushion, J-Hope loved the detail of the flappy ears. He loved it so much that Mang was about to fly away!

This hilarious moment actually led to one of Mang’s brand new abilities! With ears that flap at lightspeed and act as a propeller, Mang is able to lift off the ground momentarily.

We can officially add “flying” to the list of new adorable charms — but it doesn’t last very long!

#InsideMang #FlappyEars

Specialty: Flying! Only for 2 seconds.. 😆

— @bt21_official/Instagram

| @BT21_official/Instagram

Watch the full episode 8 of “Inside Mang” here.

Check out even more of Mang’s abilities below.

BT21 Officially Changed Mang’s Data For The New Unmasked Era


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