BTS’s J-Hope Confirms His Military Discharge Date

We will wait patiently!

BTS‘s J-Hope has confirmed his enlistment and discharge dates.

BTS’s J-Hope

J-Hope held a live broadcast via Weverse, knowing that ARMYs were concerned about his upcoming enlistment. Recently, it was announced that he was set to enlist on April 18, 2023. Previously, he reassured the fandom with a post on Weverse, promising to do a live broadcast later.

Everyone, I’m not going tomorrow ..

This week, I’ll come and greet you with a live


Our ARMY, don’t have a hard time.

I love you, ARMY

Have a good weekend, don’t worry too much!!!!

I love you ARMY 💜😃

— J-Hope

J-Hope | Weverse

A man of his word, J-Hope held the live broadcast today. As always, he expressed his love for ARMY and his BTS members.

J-Hope also confirmed his enlistment and discharge dates. He read an ARMY’s comment saying they were waiting for October 17, 2024. He agreed that that would be the day he would be discharged from the military.

‘Just waiting for Hobi’s discharge date of October 17, 2024.’ Ah. October 17th. Right!

— J-Hope

So, that means that J-Hope will likely be enlisting one day earlier than previously reported. According to the discharge date, he might enlist on April 17 rather than April 18.

| @June_comments/Twitter

J-Hope also promised to meet ARMYs again in 2025, along with the rest of BTS.

We will certainly wait patiently for them!

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