BTS’s J-Hope Rushes To Comfort Concerned ARMY — And Even Teases Super Cute New Mang Merch

He’s the best! 🥹

Recently, BTS‘s J-Hope caught ARMY off guard when he held a sudden Weverse livestream with V and Jungkook.

BTS’s J-Hope | Weverse

Debuting his new short hair, J-Hope is soon fulfilling his mandatory military enlistment. Though there is speculation of the date of his enlistment, an official date has not yet been released.

However, we can expect the day will be coming very soon.

Everyone…our Hobi hyung is going.

— V

With rumors circulating about his enlistment date, J-Hope came to Weverse again to reassure fans. Promising to greet fans very soon through a live, he gave everyone his reassuring words.

Everyone, I’m not going tomorrow ..

This week, I’ll come and greet you with a live


Our ARMY, don’t have a hard time.

I love you, ARMY

— J-Hope

| Weverse

J-Hope is always there with his comforting words to make sure fans are okay during this time.

Have a good weekend, don’t worry too much!!!!

I love you ARMY 💜😃

— J-Hope after recent military announcement

| Weverse

However, another important part of his message is what’s happening in the photo! Showing off his super cute new unmasked Mang slippers, this adorable peek of upcoming merch is giving ARMY another exciting thing to look forward to.

| Weverse

Recently, he’s also teased at owning a soft plushie version of Mang.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

As J-Hope prepares for his military service, it’s not a coincidence that he leaves behind this special gift for fans. In fact, he purposely planned it as something for ARMY to enjoy during his time away.

And also, this might be something fun and helpful in the time waiting for me [to return]… I wanted to try something like that to find as many as possible and [thought], ‘So what can I do to make my fans more entertained?’

— J-Hope

So, what other Mang merch can we expect to keep us company while J-Hope is away? In addition to plushies, he previously discussed releasing cool collectible items like pins, figures, and jewelry. However, only time will tell what cute and exciting merch will be available soon! Check out more of his thoughts below.

This Is How BTS J-Hope’s BT21 Character Mang Will Keep ARMY Company While He’s In The Military


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