Yet Another BTS Dating Rumor Has Been Developed Between J-Hope And Model Irene Kim

Is there any truth to this one? 🤔

Between BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and BTS’s Jimin and actress Song Da Eun, the K-Pop boy group has been in the middle of a lot of dating rumors recently. And now, it seems that J-Hope might be added into the mix with netizens sharing photo “evidence” that he’s in a relationship with model Irene Kim.

J-Hope (BTS)

The two of them, who are already confirmed to be friends, have been seen together recently thanks to J-Hope’s concert at Lollapalooza back in July, sharing posts on social media about each other and even talking about each other afterwards.

On an Instagram post that Irene made about J-Hope, the BTS member even replied in the comments!

It quickly became evident that the two enjoyed hanging out, and it seems that that sparked investigation into if there was more between the two of them.

J-Hope & Irene | @ireneisgood/Instagram

The “proof” that people found turned out to be pretty similar to the kind of evidence that have led to dating rumors between K-Pop idols and other celebrities as well.

J-Hope and Irene were spotted sporting the same clothes and accessories as the other, such as a phone case, a sweatshirt (which is one of Irene’s own brand), gold rings, and even a tea pot and Crocs.

J-Hope and Irene with the same phone case
Also the same sweatshirt from Irene’s brand
The same gold rings
And also the same tea pot and Crocs

So far, this seems to be all that netizens are really riding on as “evidence” that the K-Pop idol and model are dating. Maybe more photos or “proof” between the two of them will be revealed in time, but for now, their dating rumor seems to be hanging on some coincidental fashion choices!

Source: KpopStarz