ARMYs Spot A Hint For BTS’s Comeback: J-Hope’s New Hair Color 

He’s bringing fans’ edits to life.

On April Fool’s Day, BTS‘s J-Hope pranked fans with a “new” hair color, but it turns out that this red hair was actually a red herring!

| Weverse

I dyed my hair~

— J-Hope

Today, J-Hope went live with Suga and for a cafe-themed broadcast with ARMY. In it, he wore a bucket hat that almost covered his hair. Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed the hint of silver peeking out from under J-Hope’s hat.

It has been a long time since J-Hope drastically changed his hair color, so fans crossed their fingers for “J-Frost”, “Silver Hope”, etc, would make edited photos like this one come true…

Wish granted! HYBE Labels’ new “HYBE x Ithaca Holdings” video has now confirmed fans’ suspicions. Gray J-Hope is here, and he is beautiful!

Oftentimes, BTS dye their hair in preparation for a comeback. Could that be the case here? Recently, Big Hit Music responded to reports that BTS will be making a comeback in May. The agency stated that the “artists’ plans will be revealed once everything has been finalized.”

In other words, we’ll just have to wait and see! For now, check out more from the broadcast here:

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