BTS’s J-Hope Spills On How The Members Reacted To “MORE,” And Jungkook’s Was Truly Iconic

As expected, Jungkook is truly hilarious!

Ahead of the release of BTS J-Hope’s solo album Jack In The Box, the idol made fans even more excited when he released a music video for the pre-release track “MORE.” It was a shock to see a different side to the group’s “Happy Virus,” and it had something special about it.

J-Hope’s “MORE” music video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Although ARMYs rightly had a meltdown over the song, many wondered what the members’ reactions had been to the track. Luckily, J-Hope was ready with the answers after he surprised ARMYs with a live broadcast.

J-Hope on live broadcast | BTS/VLIVE

During the video, he chatted with ARMYs and answered questions about his album, Jack In The Box. In particular, one fan asked what the members thought, and the idol revealed they’d watched it together during a schedule.


Of course, two of his hyungs had nothing but kind words, and J-Hope revealed what RM and Suga had told him.

RM really liked it too, and Suga hyung told me, ‘Oh, you really went strongly this time’

— J-Hope


When it came to V and Jimin, their attention was on something else, and it was all about V’s cameo in the music video. ARMYs knew straight away when they watched it that they could spot V in the background of one of the scenes.

It was then confirmed during a behind-the-scenes film as V and J-Hope decided to let the BTS member participate.


J-Hope revealed that while they were watching, V told everyone he was in the video. After Jimin heard about it, J-Hope joked that he was on a mission to try and spot V, and he did, even though it was definitely tough.


Yet, although the members showed their support, one reaction stood out the most and it was the youngest member Jungkook. It is no secret that Jungkook always reacts best to his members’ songs. In particular, Suga shared the idol’s response to his collaboration track “That That” with PSY.

Jungkook seemed to have the most fun when imitating Suga’s part in the music video.

Jeon Jungkook, for a few days, whenever he sees me, he goes “야 내가” [the start of his rap] and then [shows the first dance move from ‘That That’ chorus] dances around like this.

— Suga


Well, it seems like the same can be said for J-Hope’s track. During the live broadcast, J-Hope explained that Jungkook couldn’t stop hyping him up but also lovingly kept imitating him after he heard the track. It also seemed like one moment stood out to Jungkook, and it was the part where the song says, “Eh, ah, shout out.”


It definitely seems like the members of BTS have to watch out for Jungkook whenever they release any solo music. Of course, it only shows how much Jungkook cares for his members and wants to support them.

Jungkook dancing to “That That” | BTS/VLIVE 

All of the members showed their true love for each other with their reactions, and it will be exciting to see it each time a member releases their own solo music.

You can read more about Jungkook’s iconic reactions to his members’ solo tracks below.

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