What Life Is Really Like For BTS’s Jin And J-Hope In The Korean Military

Jin has prepared J-Hope well!

BTS‘s J-Hope updated ARMYs on Jin and his life in the military.

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jin (right) | BANGTANTV/YouTube

As promised, J-Hope held a live broadcast via Weverse ahead of his own military enlistment that was recently confirmed.

Everyone, I’m not going tomorrow ..

This week, I’ll come and greet you with a live


Our ARMY, don’t have a hard time.

I love you, ARMY

Have a good weekend, don’t worry too much!!!!

I love you ARMY 💜😃

— J-Hope

| Weverse

Jin enlisted for his mandatory military service on December 13, 2022, joining the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon County for his training. While he won’t make any promotional appearances until he finishes his enlistment in 2024, his members, especially J-Hope, have consistently updated ARMYs regarding Jin.

Hyung’s face looks really good. He ate really well compared to before. Hyung keeps eating, so I was like, ‘Hyung, why are you eating so well?’ He said he just ended up eating really well. I guess you end up eating well when you’re there, hahaha. I think he also gained a little bit of weight. He looks healthier than before.

— J-Hope

Now, soon, J-Hope will be fulfilling his duty as well, so we won’t hear as much from him. Still, he is giving us updates about Jin until he leaves himself.

Although Jin teased J-Hope publicly when the rapper’s enlistment was announced, J-Hope said his hyung calls him daily to check on him.

Jin hyung calls me once a day lately. What does he say? He asks, ‘How is J-Hope?’ At first, I was like, ‘What do you think? What do you think, hyung?’ But I’m thankful that he calls like that every day. Hyung cares about me.

— J-Hope

He also thoughtfully gave advice in private. J-Hope revealed that Jin advised him to bring books to read so he won’t be bored.

Jin hyung gave me lots of tips. When he first entered the boot camp, he didn’t take anything with him and had to look at the sky for 11 hours. Jin hyung advised me to take books with me unless I want to see the sky only. I said, ‘Okay, I will.’

— J-Hope

J-Hope shared that there is actually some free time after finishing their daily duties, according to Jin. So, he is hoping to learn more English during his enlistment.

Jin hyung said that he will get some free time even with his duties as assistant training. That’s why I’m thinking ‘What should I do?’ in that free time later. So, I think I will try to study English.

— J-Hope

J-Hope also reassured ARMYs that they eat well. Jin told him that the food tastes delicious!

Don’t worry about me eating well. As I said before, you can’t not gain weight looking at the military food menu. And I love Korean food too. The food comes out really well. Jin hyung also said the food comes out well.

— J-Hope

It’s so good to hear they will be given time to rest and eat well while fulfilling their mandatory enlistment.

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