How BTS’s Jin Is Really Doing While In The Military, According To Jimin And J-Hope

They recently met and ate with him.

BTS‘s Jimin and J-Hope both gave ARMYs an update regarding Jin, who is currently fulfilling his mandatory military enlistment.

From left: J-Hope, Jimin, and Jin

Jin officially enlisted for his mandatory military service on December 13, 2022, joining the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon County for his training. He won’t make any promotional appearances until he finishes his enlistment in 2024.

From left: V, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, and RM | @BTS_twt/Twitter

The Korean Korean military has shared a few official updates regarding Jin, and he has promised to update ARMYs monthly. Recently, Jin returned to Instagram to wish J-Hope a happy birthday.

The BTS members have all been very public about missing Jin while he’s gone. Anytime someone goes live via Weverse, they mention him.

And finally, J-Hope and Jimin were able to visit with Jin. Jin recently shared a photo with them on Instagram.

Now, both J-Hope and Jimin have shared additional details regarding their meet-up with Jin.

J-Hope recently held a streaming party following the release of his new single “on the street,” featuring J. Cole. During it, J-Hope shared that Jin is eating well in the military, becoming healthier.

Hyung’s face looks really good. He ate really well compared to before. Hyung keeps eating, so I was like, ‘Hyung, why are you eating so well?’ He said he just ended up eating really well. I guess you end up eating well when you’re there, hahaha. I think he also gained a little bit of weight. He looks healthier than before.

— J-Hope

Likewise, Jimin held a live broadcast via Weverse. He gave a couple of updates concerning the members, including Jin. Jimin shared how he and J-Hope came to visit Jin.

We went to visit Jin hyung. I’ve been in contact for about two weeks, actually. It would’ve been nice if all members can go but since each is busy with their own work… I was still in the middle of preparing, so I have a few days to spare, and Hoseok hyung happens to have time that day too. So, we ended up going together.

— Jimin

Similar to J-Hope, Jimin reassured ARMYs that Jin was eating well. Jin wanted to eat with them and was craving mulhoe (spicy raw fish soup), so Jimin bought some.

Ah, but hyung is eating so well. Even though Seokjin hyung has always loved food but the portion he eats has to lessen compared to the past, right? But it feels like it has returned to how it was before. We ate together, and I noticed that he ate really well. He said to me that he wanted to eat mulhoe so I bought it, and he ate it well so I feel really glad.

— Jimin

| Maangchi

As a result, since Jin’s diet is better than before, he is healthier than ever. Jimin thinks that he has become stronger!

Hyung looks somewhat sturdier/stronger. The face is the same but the body… So I thought it looks like he’s really adjusting well, and I think he’s really cool. He’s really cool. He’s truly a madhyung (oldest brother); he’s living it up, our hyung! Hehe.

— Jimin

| Weverse

Of course, Jin misses ARMYs as much as ARMYs miss him. So, Jimin was sent to relay the message.

And so it’s so good to see him, and hyung also said he missed you guys. He asked me to pass it on to you. He said he missed you. Hehe.

— Jimin

It’s good to hear that Jin is doing so well, especially from trusted sources!


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