BTS’s J-Hope Spills On How His Introverted Personality Impacted The Unique Invitations For His “Jack In The Box” Listening Party Guests

Anyone with an “I” MBTI can relate!

Back in July, BTS‘s J-Hope basically gathered all the K-Pop idols and artists in the HYBE building for his Jack In The Box listening party.

The excitement surrounding the first BTS solo album seemed to start before the album was even released. The entire K-Pop industry came together at HYBE for the listening party, and the members of BTS were seen having a great time.

Tiger JK, BIBI, Yoon Mi Rae and BTS’s V and J-Hope | @drunkentigerjk/Instagram
Tiger JK, BIBI, Yoon Mi Rae and BTS’s RM | @drunkentigerjk/Instagram
ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo, BTS’s Jimin, and Kim Young Kwang | @aksakfn12/Instagram

Although J-Hope always seems to be outgoing and excited, along with some of the members, he was very nervous ahead of the party. He quickly got into the swing of things and enjoyed the night with BTS and those who wanted to support the idol.

BTS’s J-Hope at his listening party | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Well, it seems like J-Hope’s surprising MBTI type INFJ might not have impacted him too much at the party but influenced what happened before. The characteristics of the Advocate say J-Hope are understanding, having strong values, and being organized. They are perfect ways to describe the group’s main dancer.


The idol recently appeared on Park Sohyun’s podcast and truly stole the hearts of ARMYs with his cuteness throughout.


During the podcast, the host explained that because of J-Hope’s “I” MBTI, it must’ve been difficult for the idol to contact strangers because of this.

J-Hope revealed that it wasn’t easy for him because of his MBTI, adding, “My MBTI is ‘I’, so it was difficult for me.” However, he then shared that each invitation was very special to the idol and was done after a lot of thought as he made sure it was specific to each person.

The idol then shared just how in-depth his messages were, and it really cemented just how strong J-Hope’s values are, with some help from his members.

He explained that he wrote a personalized message for each person attending, which was a very long list of musicians from across the K-Pop industry. In particular, it was members like RM that helped him contact artists like Tiger JK.

Yet, it isn’t the first time the method of invitation to the listening party has been praised.

Recently, artist Simon Dominic also revealed that he had been invited to the party by J-Hope through DM. As revealed by J-Hope, Simon Dominic explained that he also had a long and thoughtful DM from the BTS member.

J-Hope sent me a long DM. ‘Hello, hyung. I grew up listening to your music.’ How could I not go?

— Simon Dominic

As always, despite being busy, J-Hope made sure to personally invite everyone. Although he put it down to his MBTI, it also shows just how pure his personality is, as he could’ve just sent the same to everyone.

You can read more about idols’ experiences with J-Hope at the listening party below.

Here’s How BTS’s J-Hope Actually Invited Guests To His Listening Party —  And It Shows His True Personality

Source: SBS Radio and Naver

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