BTS Are Hilariously “Jealous” Of Jimin’s Friendship With J-Hope

It proves just how close they are!

When it comes to the members of BTS, they are all as close to each other as siblings, which means that sometimes they get jealous of each other. It was recently on show when the members shared their “jealousy” regarding the bond between Jimin and J-Hope.

The friendship between J-Hope and Jimin is truly underrated and, as part of 3J (with Jungkook), the duo is also in charge of dance in BTS.

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To celebrate their 9th anniversary, as part of 2022 FESTA, the group sat down for a family dinner where they discussed everything from light-hearted stories about each other and also getting serious about their “hiatus” and the issues in the K-Pop industry.

During one part, Jimin revealed that he was currently working on some solo songs for future releases, and Suga even explained that he had been asked to feature in it. The members then joked that it could be a sequel to the track “Irreplaceable.”

Jimin then explained that he had asked Suga before, and then Suga started joking about the “fee” he would need before taking part. Luckily, Suga’s response after seeing the members react proved it was just a joke.

Suga then revealed that he’d heard part of Jimin’s song. Yet, J-Hope went one step further, adding, “I heard all of it.” Jimin quickly explained that J-Hope had heard a different song to Suga, but it still seemed like the progress of the tracks was more than most expected.

Youngest member Jungkook then seemed to get a bit of jealousy as he asked, “Why didn’t you play them for me yet? I’m so upset.”

RM then seemed to have the perfect answer to why J-Hope heard the songs, but nobody else did. Despite J-Hope’s protests, RM was sure that Jimin has a favorite when it came to the members of BTS.

Hoseok is always number one to Jimin. You have to understand that. We’re all second to Hoseok.

— RM

Both Jimin and J-Hope tried to find ways to calm the situation down, and it was easy to see that the members were just joking with them.

Jimin: He was at the company

Jungkook: I’m so upset

J-Hope: I was just right there

Jimin: Jung Kook, I told you and everyone else to come to see my work.

Yet, even though this might be the case, literally hours after the video was released, ARMYs noticed that maybe the friendship between J-Hope and Jimin is as strong as the members believed.

Someone was at a warm-up match between Egypt and the Korean national soccer team that was being held in South Korea. While filming one of the moments, it wasn’t until after rewatching the video that they noticed Jimin and J-Hope a few rows down enjoying the game. In particular, they had the cutest reaction when South Korea scored.

Although BTS might joke that Jimin and J-Hope have a closer bond, there is no denying that all of the members are just as close to each other. The teasing between them proves that they are definitely more like a family, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

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