BTS J-Hope Proves Why An Anthology Album Is The Necessary Next Step For Their Music

J-Hope was feeling nostalgic for their old music too!

Fans of BTS are eagerly waiting for BTS’s anthology album PROOF, which will be released on June 10th.

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But fortunately, while ARMY are waiting for the release of the anthology album, they are getting new exciting content through 2022 FESTA.

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BTS have already uploaded their latest adorable family portraits…

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And have most recently made fans emotional by uploading five new dance practice videos of “‘We Are Bulletproof PT.2’ + ‘No More Dream,'” “N.O,” “Danger,” “Butterfly,” and “Am I Wrong.” The videos span from BTS’s debut in 2013 to their Wings album in 2016.

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And ARMY aren’t the only ones loving the nostalgia of seeing some of their favorite dances again…

J-Hope took to both Instagram and Weverse to share his thoughts on the old dance practice videos with fans.

On Instagram, J-Hope posted two clips of “Butterfly.” Captioning one with lyrics from the song.

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Is it true~?

-J-Hope via Instagram stories

And sharing his nostalgia in the other.

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Old memories.

-J-Hope via Instagram stories

He also included a clip of “Am I Wrong,” showing how impressed even he was with their dancing.

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-J-Hope via Instagram stories

But more than simply showing ARMY that he was also watching the new FESTA content through his Instagram stories, J-Hope also posted to Weverse to further reminisce.

| Weverse

Currently I’m continuing to rewatch “Am I Wrong” it’s fun hehe I keep remembering memories from that time…

There must probably be a couple ARMYs who don’t know “Am I Wrong,” right?

-J-Hope via Weverse moment

And while ARMY would definitely be curious to hear more stories about what BTS remember from their 2016 promotions, many fans also realize that J-Hope further proved why an anthology album was a great idea for BTS at this stage in their career.

Although the announcement of PROOF not being an album full of new songs caused some initially mixed reactions from fans, many were understanding that BTS wanted to signal the start of a new era.

Fans also argued that it was a good way for BTS to return to their old music while still evolving.

And other fans pointed out, much like J-Hope did in his Weverse post, that ARMY, who weren’t fans during Wings and previous eras, are getting exposure to some of BTS’s older, meaningful songs.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt to show locals that BTS’s discography extends across many genres.

J-Hope’s recent comment about newer ARMYs not necessarily being familiar with one of their iconic songs is a reminder that BTS definitely know what they’re doing.

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