ARMY Crash VLIVE and YouTube During BTS J-Hope’s Birthday Celebrations

The internet is no match for ARMY’s love!

BTS‘s J-Hope received so much love from ARMY for his birthday that it was almost too much for the internet to handle!

It all started when he woke up the day before his birthday and greeted fans on Weverse.

Good morning. Our ARMY has been doing well, right?

— J-Hope

The birthday boy! | Weverse

He dropped a few handsome selfies and told fans to meet him for a live birthday broadcast.

Tonight at 11 P.M. I’ll do a [live broadcast] after a while. Let’s have fun. See you soon!

— J-Hope

| Weverse

However, he didn’t know the trouble he’d soon run into by getting ARMY excited for it! For his first attempt at a live broadcast, his whole screen appeared sideways. He barely streamed for a minute before exiting to fix the problem.

How do I turn the screen?

— J-Hope

For attempt two, he restarted the stream and was able to tease ARMY with a glimpse of his stunning visuals before the stream crashed. The app failed to run for a short time afterward and some users were even automatically logged out!

Eventually, he switched to YouTube where he was finally able to celebrate with ARMY (for the moment)! He showed off all kinds of things in his studio, from his framed “Dynamite Billboard Hot 100” poster…

…to his chicken nugget-shaped pillow!

As the clock struck midnight, he lit the candles of his birthday cake and wished himself the happiest of birthdays…and sadly, not even a few minutes after that, the stream crashed again!

Attempt four lead him back where he was able to look lovingly into ARMY’s eyes…

…give the biggest hugs…

…and send all his love to all the people who love him so much!

ARMY can go back and watch all of these broadcasts over and over, but the hilarious titles won’t let them forget J-Hope’s birthday struggles with technology any time soon.

It’s the small price he has to pay for receiving all of ARMY’s undying love on his special day!