BTS’s J-Hope Puts An End To Misconceptions About The Group’s Future

He believes there may have been a loss in translation.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently sat down with Variety to discuss his journey to becoming a solo artist and the future of BTS as a group. Following the release of his solo album Jack in the Box, J-Hope took a moment to clear up recent rumors about the group’s future.

J-Hope addressed how BTS’s 2022 Festa Dinner conversations may have been lost in translation and thus caused confusion about BTS’s future plans. Reassuring that the group is temporarily shifting their focus to pursuing solo projects, he confirms that the group’s activities show no signs of stopping.

When we talked about the temporary break, or focusing on solo projects, we really just were trying to be honest with how we feel and what we want to pursue going forward. I was a little surprised that people took it in a different way than what how we expected them to receive or understand that news. I think there was a little bit of loss in translation as we conveyed that message. And definitely we’re not on hiatus. The team is going to remain active.

— J-Hope

He considers BTS’s journey from debut to now as their first chapter and that it’s time to initiate their second chapter. Focusing on growing as individual artists, this will ultimately strengthen the group in the long run.

We just learned a lot and we grew together as a team over the last decade, and I believe that was the Chapter One for BTS. So for BTS to sustain longer and to even leap forward, we thought that Chapter Two was definitely needed. So although we grew together and we worked together as a team for the last 10 years, now perhaps it is our time to grow and to pursue what we wanted to do as individuals and focus more on personal growth as individuals. So we would like to embrace and experience many different things as we work on solo projects.

— J-Hope

Don’t be mistaken — Chapter 2 doesn’t mean that BTS’s group projects are on the back burner. Both solo and group activities are in the future for the members.

[Working on solo projects] does not mean we are putting a stop on BTS group projects, of course. So we expect that after gaining all these experiences and having individual projects, we will have a greater synergistic effect as a team, and we believe that that is the sustainable and healthy way for us to grow as a team. So I think we are on the verge of starting the Chapter Two for BTS — and going forward, we will definitely be working on group projects as well as solo projects.

— J-Hope

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Source: Variety