BTS’s J-Hope Would Love To Get A Cat One Day — Here’s What He Has In Mind For A Name

He’s the best pet dad!

BTS‘s J-Hope is full of kindness. Not only does he have compassion for everyone in his life, his love even extends to animals!

ARMY know that he spends some of his free time watching adorable animal videos…

…and won’t hesitate to share the best ones on his social media!

When asked about getting a new pet, J-Hope first had to mention his current pet Shih Tzu Mickey who he loves with all his heart. Staying with his parents, J-Hope visits Mickey when he goes back to his hometown.

I have a dog now and he’s fairly old so I want to shower him with a lot of affection.

— J-Hope

However, if he were to add another pet to his family, he has an idea in mind!

If I were to raise a new pet, then… these days cats are looking very pretty to me so I’d like to raise a cat with love.

— J-Hope

As for the name of his new pet, he already though of something clever based off of a beloved cartoon series.

If I have to name it then I’d call it ‘Tom.’ Actually, I used to really like Tom and Jerry, so I’ll name the cat ‘Tom’.

— J-Hope

| Naver

J-Hope’s love of cats goes far beyond just thinking they’re cute — A fan once encountered J-Hope where he helped save a stray cat.

Right before J-Hope went to the states, he came by a vet clinic in my neighborhood to treat a wounded stray cat. He asked the doctor to look after the cat and paid off all the fees for any surgical treatments.[J-Hope’s dog] Mickey sees the same vet, so I think that’s why he came to this specific one. It’s true. J-Hope is an angel!!! He’s frickin’ awesome

— Fan

| Weverse

Additionally, he once revealed he has an app that is used for helping find missing animals, called “Paw in Hand,” showing just how much he loves animals.

If he decides to get a cat of his own, he would be the best dad to his pets! Plus, ARMY would love to see all of his Instagram updates featuring a new furry friend.

Check out the entire video below.