BTS’s J-Hope Just Helped An ARMY Pick Their License Plate Number And Here’s The Meaning Behind It

Hobi is so clever!

From words of comfort to wise advice, ARMYs can rely on BTS‘s J-Hope for anything.

Plus, he knows a thing or two about cars — and looks good driving them, too!

That’s why when a fan recently asked him for help picking a license plate number for their car, he didn’t hesitate to help.

ARMY: Oppa ! What do you think is a good license plate number for a car ? 🚗

J-Hope: 6604

| Weverse

Unlike what ARMYs might have guessed, he didn’t pick 0613 (BTS’s debut date) or 0218 (his birthday). Luckily, he soon included the meaning of his choice!

bbo four (bbo)

— J-Hope

| Weverse

In Korean, people refer to a kiss/peck as a bbo-bbo (뽀뽀). “660” looks like bbo and “4” can be pronounced as bbo. When putting those numbers together, you get 6604, or bbo-bbo (kiss kiss)!

If this sounds familiar, it is! J-Hope’s prison number in the “Butter” music video is 660660, also representing the word bbo-bbo.

J-Hope in “Butter” | BANGTANTV/YouTube

His explanation makes all the sense in the world!

It’s a kiss. Yes, I just went with…I looked up pager codes that have nice meanings. I looked them up, but that was the one I found with six digits. I thought it would be fun so I chose 660660.

— J-Hope

Next time you need a license plate number or even a lucky number, maybe opt for J-Hope’s kisses…because who doesn’t want that?