ARMY Get A Little Jealous When BTS’s J-Hope Calls IU “Noona,” So Here’s What He Did Next

Hobi is the master of flirting with fans!

BTS‘s J-Hope always knows exactly what to say to ARMY! After making an appearance on IU‘s Palette, he had some “explaining” to do on Weverse.

He had a moment where he couldn’t decide how to address IU, combining the words noona (a term loosely translated as “older sister” that is used for a woman older than a man) and sunbae-nim (meaning “senior). He even considered combining the terms to create a new word, noo-nim!

In the end, he took the more casual route and addressed her as noona, which ARMY found extra endearing.

Noona‘s words are totally right!

— J-Hope

He continued the sweet words on social media when he posted some Instagram photos of his time on the show.

Thank you noona 🫶🏻

— J-Hope

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Naturally, an ARMY couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous at the cute interactions between the two idols!

‘Noo’…’noona’…I’m gonna cry a little..


| Weverse

However, it didn’t take long for J-Hope to make it up to her by getting a little flirty!

ㅠㅠ What’s going on, noona..🫶🏻

— J-Hope

| Weverse

You can always count on Hobi to stay on your good side — and don’t worry, he’s got younger ARMY covered, too!

In another post, a fan younger than J-Hope wanted to heart the endearing words — and she was in for a surprise of her own!

  • ARMY: “‘Noona…!’ I want to hear it too..🥲 ( I’m too young to hear it..🤣”
  • JH: “Then thank you, my dongsaeng*😙” [T/N: Term of endearment used for someone younger.]
| Weverse

Whether you’re an older ARMY or a younger ARMY, J-Hope will always be there to melt your heart with some charming words!

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