The Conversation Between BTS’s J-Hope And Jay Park That Was Edited Out Of “The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive”

We wish we could hear this full discussion!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently appeared as a special guest on KBS 2TV show The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive with host Jay Park. The two showed off great chemistry as they participated in each other’s dance challenges, talked about what they were up to recently, and more.

J-Hope recently went on Weverse Live to discuss his experience on the show, reiterating the great atmosphere of the studio, set, and the host Jay Park himself.

They hit it off so well on the show that some of their discussions had to be cut from the final airing of the show. Despite this, the show still turned out great. However, J-Hope went more in depth about one of the unaired topics they discussed.

While on the topic of health, J-Hope mentioned something he said to Jay Park about his own health habits.

I was like, ‘I watched your show, and you blend a lot of things together and drink it.’

— J-Hope

It’s possible J-Hope was referring to Jay Park’s health smoothie he revealed on I Live Alone, which is made from blending sea moss, blue berries, bananas, spinach, kale, beet juice, water, and ice.

Additionally, Jay also revealed his health shot, which is made from lemon juice, minced garlic, manuka honey, and chili pepper powder.

It’s too bad this part was edited out — Fans would love to see if J-Hope would incorporate these drinks to help him pursue a healthy lifestyle!

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