Is J-Hope Different From Jung Hoseok? The BTS Member Explains His True Self

“I get this question a lot.”

Every person has many sides to who they are: The fun persona you have in front of your friends may be a completely different person than who you are in a professional work setting. Celebrities are no exception to this rule which is why Disney+ asked BTS‘s J-Hope about his true self.

When asked if there’s a difference between the artist J-Hope and the person Jung Hoseok (his real name), he wasn’t sure there was a big difference between them.

I live as Jung Hoseok and J-Hope… I wonder if there’s a boundary or not.

— J-Hope

People ask him the difference between the two personas, but both of them are him so it’s hard to draw a line between the two.

I get this question a lot. ‘What’s the difference between Jung Hoseok and J-Hope? Then I think, ‘Jung Hoseok and J-Hope are all me. What’s the difference?’

— J-Hope

Though it’s hard to name a difference, he points out that the presentation of each “persona” can vary in its professionalism. Just like someone’s self at work versus home, there are different sides you will show of yourself but both are a part of you.

I guess the one thing different is being more casual or professional. There’s definitely some expectations to J-Hope.

— J-Hope

If J-Hope is his professional side, Jung Hoseok is casual self at home.

You know, Jung Hoseok is me wearing pajamas and unwashed hair. *Laughs*

— J-Hope

However, drawing the line is more difficult than it seems: In a way, this casual side of him is also a side of J-Hope.

But that’s also another side of J-Hope.

— J-Hope

And I can show you those parts if you want, I really don’t care. *Laughs*

— J-Hope

Since J-Hope is always genuine, it can be difficult to differentiate himself from Jung Hoseok.

Though there may only be a few minor differences like being professional or casual, both are synonymous and form the one true J-Hope.

Whether you know him in life as J-Hope or Jung Hoseok, you still get the same person: A hardworking, kind, and humble man!

Learn more about J-Hope’s real personality below.

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