BTS’s J-Hope Picks Between 5-Year-Old Jungkook Or 5 Jungkooks

Do you agree with his choice?

During BTS J-Hope‘s recent online broadcast, he answered one ARMY’s question about Jungkook.

| @Bangtan_official/Facebook

He was asked to play a “balance game,” which is a question where he must choose between two options.

He found the ARMY’s post on Weverse and read the question aloud.

Hobi oppa!! For 10 minutes, let’s play a balance game!!

5-year-old Jungkook vs. 5 Jungkooks?


| Weverse

J-Hope commented back “hahahaha,” but in real-time, he began to think of his answer.

After a while of seriously considering both options…

…he came to a conclusion: One Jungkook is already special enough!

No, just one Jungkook is already a meaningful friend.

— J-Hope

Since all he needs is one Jungkook, he chose one 5-year-old Jungkook.

J-Hope’s sincerity for the maknae shows how strong of a bond they truly have!

Plus, baby Jungkook is too cute to resist!

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