BTS’s J-Hope And Jungkook Share How They Felt About Meeting The “I-LAND” Trainees

The trainees taught them something too!

In celebration of BTS‘s new song “Dynamite” being released August 21 KST, the members hosted an online conference — where they sat down and answered questions for the curious press and fans.

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At this conference, BTS discussed their recent appearance in Episode 7 of the K-Pop survival show I-LAND. Members agreed that the invitation on to the show made them think about the “old days“. J-Hope explained that he felt the urge to encourage the trainees on the show — as their practice rooms reminded him of when he was a trainee.

J-Hope | @BigHitEnt/Twitter

Looking at the trainees and their rooms, I was reminded of my trainee days. It felt different. Of all people, I know exactly what it feels like to be a trainee… Like, when you’re a trainee, everything feels uncertain. Even if you’re trying your best, you don’t know if you’re going in the right direction. So I really wanted to encourage the trainees.

— J-Hope

Jungkook also mentioned how the Q&A session with the trainees reminded him of his own questions that he had as a trainee. He explained, “Their questions have been very relatable, so it made [him] feel inspired.”

Jungkook | @BigHitEnt/Twitter

We spent some time listening to their questions and answering them. And I realized that their questions are not too different from the ones I had when I was a trainee. So it was deeply relatable. On the other hand, it made me feel very inspired. And I know the questions will keep popping up in their heads… but I hope they also focus on learning to love themselves and becoming confident.

— Jungkook

J-Hope also found great inspiration from meeting the trainees. He commented, “Seeing the trainees has taught [him] something in return as well.

J-Hope on “I-LAND”. 

Watching the trainees, I ended up learning something too. They made me realize I shouldn’t settle — but that I should keep thinking and asking questions so that I can propel forward. I too don’t want to lose that passion from when I first started.

— J-Hope

Jungkook wished the best of luck for the trainees on the show — and emphasized that no matter what, “Growth is the most important thing.

Jungkook on “I-LAND”. 

There will come days that they feel exhausted. But those days are what makes them grow. So I really want to them to keep growing. I look forward to seeing them gain more confidence.

— Jungkook

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