BTS’s J-Hope Reacts To Being Asked To Speak English During His Live Broadcast

Fans voiced their frustration with the comment.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently held his promised live broadcast for fans before his military enlistment. The broadcast was bittersweet, with J-Hope reassuring ARMY that he’d already received many tips from Jin about life while serving in the military.

BTS’s J-Hope and Jin | BANGTANTV/YouTube

One of the tips from Jin that J-Hope shared was about having a lot of free time during boot camp. Jin suggested that J-Hope bring a book to entertain himself so he didn’t have to stare at the sky as Jin did.

J-Hope suggested that during his free time, he might study English.

But while J-Hope has always worked hard to communicate with international fans, most K-Pop fans are familiar with the frustration that comes from some fans demanding their idols speak English.

So when J-Hope read aloud a comment asking him to speak English…

Speak in English, please.

— J-Hope reading a netizen’s comment

| @setiogi/Twitter 

Fans voiced their frustration at the netizen who wrote the comment.

Even J-Hope seemed to be frustrated, sighing after reading the comment.

| @setiogi/Twitter

Before telling fans to “Just wait a bit.


But fans can rest assured that J-Hope also saw his fans’ supportive and encouraging comments.

You can watch the full clip here.

You can read more about the live broadcast here.

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