Team Louis Vuitton Or Team DIOR? Netizens Debate Which Luxury Brand Is The Best Match For BTS’s J-Hope

Which side are you on?

BTS‘s J-Hope is known for his bold and trendy fashion sense, but recently, fans are having are hard time picking the designer brand that suits him best!

BTS’s J-Hope | @Buttercup_Jhope/Twitter

In 2021, BTS became global brand ambassadors for Louis Vuitton. Now that their ambassadorship has come to a close, individual members are becoming solo ambassadors for various other luxury brands, including Jimin for DIOR and Suga for Valentino.

BTS for Louis Vuitton (2021)

Most recently, J-Hope attended this year’s Paris Fashion Week to attend both the Louis Vuitton and DIOR fashion shows. While J-Hope has not yet been selected as an ambassador for either brand, netizens have taken a deep dive into some of his best looks from both brands to see which one suits him the most.

Some of J-Hope’s most iconic looks throughout the years have come from both brands. All of the looks from his GQ and Vogue Korea magazine photoshoot released at the end of 2021 showcase some of his best Louis Vuitton outfits, including the looks below.

From a stunning black suit embedded with pearls and crystals to the sporty looks featuring joggers and sneakers, J-Hope suits all of it flawlessly!


In 2019, J-Hope rocked Louis Vuitton for his PAPER Magazine photoshoot, along with the rest of the BTS members.

Even J-Hope’s iconic black outfit from Lollapalooza is none other than Louis Vuitton! Check out the necklace and pants that have the signature “LV” pattern logo.

J-Hope has been known to rock a matching set from the brand, including this suit and denim-on-denim look.

Of course, some of his most recent looks from the brand are the outfits he just wore during fashion week in Paris!


However, we can’t count out DIOR! Some of J-Hope’s sleek and classic suits that he’s worn to various awards shows throughout the years are from the luxury brand.

Even this iconic red suit from 2018 is Dior!

Most recently, J-Hope became his own coordi when he picked out this funky look for Times Square New Years Rockin’ Eve.

Many looks that showcase J-Hope’s signature style are from DIOR, including his fun airport fashion…

…his outfit for the collaboration on “Rush Hour” with Crush

…and some of the best suits he’s ever worn!

However, the most memorable outfit of all earned him the nickname “DIOR Hoseok” for all the right reasons!

These legendary techwear outfits were worn during the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour.


It’s no wonder why “J-Hope” became a related search term to DIOR on various search engines like Google!

In the end, it might be impossible to pick your favorite brand for him since he suits both so well!

Source: theqoo