“Where Did Mang’s Tail Suddenly Come From?” — BTS’s J-Hope Solves The Mystery

There’s a plot twist!

Ever since BT21 Mang‘s official face reveal, there has been one burning question on fans’ minds. Now, BTS‘s J-Hope is here to answer it!

BTS’s J-Hope | @BTS_twt/Twitter

For many years, other than the tail hanging off of the mask, Mang has sported no tail from the back view.

However, soon after removing the mask, fans noticed a little circular tail had appeared!

(Left to right) Mang and RJ | BT21/YouTube

Originally, J-Hope planned for Mang to have a big fluffy squirrel tail, but due to the limitations of the current design, there was no room to add it.

There has to be a tail to actually channel that vibe. The tail should be fluffy like this.

— J-Hope

He came up with various work around ideas, such as cramming the tail into the back of the mask…

…and even coming up with an elaborate body suit idea! However, he didn’t want to completely change the entire design too much.

In the end, Mang was only given a small tail to not make too big of a change. However, J-Hope still wanted to come up with an explanation.

What about the tail? What happened in the growth phase that made the tail pop up?

— J-Hope

J-Hope decided a detachable tail might be a good idea!

The explanation for the idea couldn’t get any cuter — and fans are totally on board with the adorable idea.

Various pieces of fanart has emerged of Mang picking out a tail in the morning — so maybe we will see the bushy squirrel tail afterall!

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